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Cover and TOC for Crackpot Palace

Cover and TOC for Crackpot Palace

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Here's the cover and TOC for the new collection, Crackpot Palace, which will be out from Morrow/Harper Collins on August 14th.  Derek did the cover.  There were 21 stories, but I dropped it to 20 because that one story just didn't fit right anywhere.  Saving it for the next one, if another comes along.  There's a brief intro by me and a note after each story, describing where the idea came from or something about it's writing or publication.  Hope you like it if you get a chance to read it. 

 Table of Contents


Polka dots and Moonbeams                                                   

Down Atsion Road                                                                

Sit the Dead

The Seventh Expression of the Robot General                       

86 Deathdick Road                                                                 

After Moreau                                                                          

The Hag's Peak Affair                                                            

The Coral Heart                                                                     

The Double of My Double Is Not My Double                        



Every Richie There Is                                                             

The Dream of Reason                                                             

The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper                      


Glass Eels                                                                               

The Wish Head                                                                       


Dr. Lash Remembers

Daddy Long Legs of the Evening          

  • I've preordered the book. I can't wait! Congrats Jeff.
  • Insane cover! Though it makes me feel like eating carrots and I'm not sure I want to.
    • Kaaron: Eat your carrots or Daddy Long Legs will pay you a visit.

      And sorry to all for the ip addresses showing up. I was getting spammed regularly for a day or two and was trying to prevent it, but turning that feature on did nothing. I've turned it off.
      • If I eat my carrots, I'll be able to see him coming!
        • Kaaron: Good point. I'm guessing you're not going to make any of the conventions over here this year. That's quite a trip to take every year. I won't be going to more than one, myself, probably, as I'm not doing the full time teaching anymore.
          • I really wanted to come back for Readercon, but not this year. It is a huge trip, price and time! I hope you'll make it out here...maybe next year.
            • I probably won't make Readercon either. Some day I'd like to get to Australia. I know Lynn would go in a minute. Something for the future.
              • If I had any power at all, I'd get you on a guest list for one of our conventions.
                • Great! And please, could you do something to release your first two story collections as ebooks?

                  I read a few months ago your story The Empire of Ice Cream and it blew me away. I read a lot and that rarely happens, but it was so good. I want more of it. Then I read The Physiognomy and, while well-written, it did not create such a deep emotional response in me.

                  Anyway, thanks for writing so well.
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