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Hunter S. Thompson & The Waterhead Fuckaround

Hunter S. Thompson & The Waterhead Fuckaround

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I found this site online called Letters of Note.  It posts letters from well-known folks.  Some, like the one from Kurt Vonnegut, writing home from Europe to his parents after surviving capture by the Germans and the fire bombing of Dresden, are touching.  Some are hysterical, like the one from Iggy Pop about America and the music scene here ("A country of midgets ruled by Dwarves").  For straight up vitriol, though, nothing beats this one from Hunter S. Thompson to Holly Sorenson, Production Executive at the indie movie studio, The Shooting Gallery.
  • (Anonymous)
    Damn, I miss him.
    That flick is finally supposed to be coming out this December.
    They changed the script after Hunter died so Depp could play the lead, even though he's 20 years older than the character in the book - he was originally going to play a supporting role - and the guy that did WITHNAIL & I directed it.
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