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March 10th, 2012

March 10th, 2012



I was very sorry to read this morning that Moebius had passed away.  As much as the work of any writer of novels or short stories, his comics had a profound influence on my fiction.  I first really got to know his art and stories through the Dark Horse reprints.  Over a period of years I bought them as they came out -- The Airtight Garage, Pharagonesia, The Goddess, Arzak, etc.  The beauty, clarity and imagination of the art and the sense of freedom with which the stories were told, plots sprouting branches that grew away from the main tale and then back.  In a Mobeius story you could have characters change sex, change the way they are depicted, change their identity or simply step through a forgotten door on a subway platform and enter another world.  Mind blowing stuff.  And there was usually a sense of the mystical as well as a definite sense of humor about the work.  His universe was vast and filled with stories.  I had the chance to meet him once at a convention, but I didn't seize the opportunity because the thought of it made me too nervous.  My wife, Lynn, went over to him and introduced herself and talked to him for quite a while.  She said he was a very nice person.  He was an artist whose work made my life better and more interesting, and I have a feeling he did the same for millions of others. 

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