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January 30th, 2012

January 30th, 2012


New Stuff --

My fourth collection, Crackpot Palace, will be available from Morrow/Harper Collins on August 14th.  It will have 21 stories (one new one "The Wish Head") and each will have a brief afterword.  In a couple of weeks, I should be able to post the cover and table of contents.

"Blood Drive" will appear in After, an anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling for Hyperion.  YA apocalyptic and dystopian fiction.  It'll be out in October. 

"The Pittsburgh Technology" will appear in The Mad Scientist's Guide To World Domination, an anthology edited by John Joseph Adams for TOR.  Don't know the date for this one. 

"A Natural History of Autumn" will appear in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, edited by Gordon Van Gelder.  Not sure when this one will come out.  I'm thinking some time this year but maybe not till next. 

There will be at least one other new one this year that I'm sure of.  More on that in the coming weeks. 

Reprints --

"Relic" will appear in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year volume 6, edited by Jonathan Strahan for Night Shade.  March

"The Last Triangle" will appear in The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2012, edited by Paula Guran for Prime.  Not sure of the date on this one.

"The Coral Heart" will appear in The Sword and Sorcery Anthology, edited by David Hartwell and Jacob Weisman for Tachyon.  June

"The Drowned Life" will appear in The Oxford Book of American Short Stories 2nd edition, edited by Joyce Carol Oates for Oxford University Press.  Not sure of the date on this.

"Dr. Lash Remembers" will appear in The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, edited by Sean Wallace for Running Press.  June

The Cosmology of the Wider World -- The entirety of this short novel will be serialized by Lightspeed as a bonus for its e-reader edition in either two or three installments.  Editor John Joseph Adams isn't sure when it will run yet but definitely this year. 

Introductions --   I wrote introductions for two really excellent short story collections appearing in 2012.

Technicolor And Other Revelations by John Langan from Chizine Books

Moscow But Dreaming by Ekaterina Sedia from Prime

Also, I'll be doing an intro for Michael Cisco's novel, The Traitor, for Centipede Press's glorious omnibus edition of his works. 

There will be one other intro, I believe, for a new collection from Lethe Press.  More on that in the coming weeks.   


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